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SPECIFIC POLYMERS (2003, Castries, FRANCE) is company acting as R&D service provider and scale up producer in the field of functional monomers & polymers with high specificity. The company was initially created to fill the gap in between academic and industrial researchers. For more than 14 years, the company has performed research and development services, on-demand synthesis and up-scaled production from grams to kilograms. The main goal of the innovative product developed by SPECIFIC POLYMERS is, in close collaboration with the customers, to validate proof of concepts and to help partners to bring their innovative ideas one step further.




·         RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT of innovative polymers


·         ON-DEMAND SYNTHESIS of building-block, monomers and polymers


·         CATALOG PRODUCTS supplier (more than 1000 molecules)


·         UP-SCALED PRODUCTION from gram to kilogram










SPECIFIC POLYMERS activity is based on strong skills and competences in both Organic and Polymer chemistry.


Organic Chemistry


In order to design polymers with specific functionality, the first step resides in the synthesis of the appropriate monomers or building-blocks. To do so, SPECIFIC POLYMERS has strong competences and skills in organic chemistry. Functional groups developed by SPECIFIC POLYMERS are mainly based on the chemistry of phosphorus, silicon, fluorine, epoxy and carbonates but can also be moieties such as amines, alcohols, carboxylic acid, mercaptan, chlorine, bromine, iodine, propargyle or azide. Polymerizable groups developed by SPECIFIC POLYMERS are off all kinds: (meth)acrylates, stryrenic, vinylic, allylic, epoxy, amines, cyclocarbonate or maleimides and eventually other functional moieties.



Polymer Chemistry


SPECIFIC POLYMERS is able to master the following polymerization methods:

-   Free radical polymerization

-   Controlled radical polymerization (RAFT/MADIX, ATRP, ARGET ATRP, NMP)

-   Radical telomerization

-   Polycondensation

-   Ionic polymerization (Cationic, Anionic, Ring opening polymerization)

-   Photopolymerization (acrylates, epoxy)

-   Polymer functionalization

-   Click-chemistry

-   High pressure synthesis (gaseous monomers, CO2, H2)


Mastering such a range of polymerization methods allows SPECIFIC POLYMERS to prepare functional polymers with well-defined composition, architecture and functionality. As for example, SPECIFIC POLYMERS is able to prepare mono-functional telechelic or multifunctional polymers or oligomers. SPECIFIC POLYMERS also has the skills to prepare polymers with various architectures: statistical copolymers, graft copolymers, block-copolymers, star copolymers, etc.






SPECIFIC POLYMERS also have strong competences in the preparation of organic material such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes or phenolic resins. Thanks to our skills in organic and polymer chemistry, SPECIFIC POLYMERS masters most of the crosslinking reactions that enable the preparation of materials: epoxy-amine, epoxy-anhydrid, carbonate-amine, epoxy-phenol, isocyanate-alcohol, azide-propargyle, acrylates-peroxides, acrylate-UV, etc. Controlling the functionality of the molecules used allow mastering the crosslinking degree and thus the mechanical performances of the corresponding material.

Additionally, SPECIFIC POLYMERS has strong competences in the synthesis of building-blocks, monomers and polymers bearing alcoxysilanes groups. As a consequence, SPECIFIC POLYMERS is involved in various projects based on SOL-GEL materials.




SPECIFIC POLYMERS – Application fields


Thanks to this very broad range of skills and competences, monomers and polymers provided by SPECIFIC POLYMERS are used for a very wide range of applications such as surface finishing (glass, metal, metal oxides, nanoparticles, plastics), building industry, aeronautic, automotive (paint, tyres, sealant, gaskets), pharmaceutical industry, green chemistry, cosmetics, optoelectronic, optic, water treatment, metal extraction, energy (fuel cells, solar cells or lithium batteries), etc.


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